Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sunday Shoot at Corner's Corner, Fruitridge Line.

Colt's Foot Abstract


Jess Merrill said...

Anything can become an egg. LOL
Very nice photos.

John St. Pierre said...

Hi Sharon,
You have an interesting variety of photos here. I am particularly impressed with the third one from the top (the two red trilliums). How did you do it?

Ruth Edwards said...

You have to love spring.....beautiful photos, I must look over mine again.
Your pond photo has a lovely finish to it, looking like a work of art.

Wendy Tippin said...

This is a great series of photos - my favorite is the Canadian geese with goslings. Reminds me of a Monet painting.

Sharon said...

Thanks Wendy and Ruth! I used "poster edges" because the picture was blown out and then I used "render" - "lighting effect" and used yellow as the colour for the light. I appreciate your comment. :-)

rivernan said...

beautiful trillium