Sunday, 28 July 2013

Waterfalls Trip to Bancroft, Ontario

Crooked Slide Park #1

Crooked Slide Park #2

Crooked Slide Park #3
Egan Chute #1

Egan Chute #2

Egan Chute #3


rivernan said...

Nice work on the Water Sharon

Sharon said...

Thanks Rivernan! We had a great time and I was very happy I had a circular polarizer! :-)

Ruth Edwards said...

I can almost hear the water, as it passes over the rocks. Well done.
My favorite is photo 2

Jess Merrill said...

Nice photos, Sharon. Great sense of place. I have been wondering why we haven't heard from you – you've been traveling.

Sharon said...

Thanks a bunch! My 2 sisters and I went up to Bancroft area and visited all accessible waterfalls and chutes. We had a great time!